Van Winsen HLS Services

Temporary/interim personnel in the hoisting and lifting industry.

  • Experienced  certified crane operator offshore & mobile cranes onshore / heavy machinery since 1995.
  • Supervisor lifting operations offshore & onshore.
  • Site/crane coordinator maritime industry.
  • Network connections for many other positions within the hoisting and lifting industry.

Updated cv available on request.

Meeting clients wishes and demands together with maximum afford to blend in the philosophy of  your company will be one of the first priorities. Communication at a professional level and maintain/improve safety standards are  a necessity  to bring any project to a succes.

Regularly refreshed certificates and medical check every 2 years.

Cooperative to complete any training, course/refreshers prior to your project.

For more info :

Richard van Winsen
Laan van Vollehoven 2803
3706 HS Zeist
The Netherlands
Mobile +31643188416